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Toxins build up in your body over time with the potential to affect your health, but the IonCleanse® detox helps free your body of waste, toxins, and free radicals in a gentle, 30-minute therapy. The ionic detox gradually pulls toxins out of your body through your feet. Or try an infrared sauna to help release up to seven times more toxins than a regular sauna. Both detox therapies are conveniently available at Selah MediSpa in Katy, Texas. Enhance your well-being today by calling our office to book your appointment.

Detox Q & A

Why should I detox?

Our environment today is full of toxins. Pollution, heavy metals, and free radicals may appear in the air we breathe, our water, and food. 

Detoxification refers to the way your body normally processes a variety of toxins, whether they’re environmental or chemical. Toxins have the capacity to change the way our bodies function. 

Pollutants, for example, have been linked to problems ranging from respiratory disorders to cancer. Detoxification is a process to cleanse your body to remove toxins, free radicals, and waste that may affect your health.

How does an infrared sauna release toxins?

An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters that emit radiant heat, which your body absorbs from the core. This process increases the amount of sweat you produce, helping to detox your system. 

With an infrared sauna, you may sweat away up to seven times more toxins than with a traditional sauna. 

Removing toxins from your body offers several potential benefits, such as:

  • Avoiding disease
  • Preventing illness
  • Improving well-being
  • Healthier skin 

An infrared sauna also may promote weight loss, relaxation, and minimize pain, as well as benefit those with chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

What is detox with IonCleanse?

IonCleanse is a gentle process that works through osmosis. The cleanse uses an ion generator that releases ions into the water, which are then carried to your body through your feet. 

The ions may work on a cellular level, encouraging your body to rid itself of unhealthful substances that have accumulated over a lifetime, such as:

  • Toxins
  • Excess oils
  • Acids, fats
  • Heavy metals
  • Yeast
  • Cellular debris

Although your body is designed to cleanse itself of many of these harmful toxins and protect against the damage caused by them, it can become overwhelmed. 

A detox helps your body cleanse itself, which may offer a number of benefits. Selah MediSpa offers detox in a restorative setting.

How does IonCleanse detox help my body?

An IonCleanse may enhance your well-being by helping to:

  • Remove toxins, free radicals, and body waste 
  • Reduce aluminum and arsenic in the blood 
  • Raise pH levels
  • Inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungus
  • Relieve pain, headaches, and tension
  • Purify the blood and the lymph
  • Boost circulation
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Enhance nutrient absorption
  • Minimize inflammation 
  • Help clear up skin
  • Assist in weight loss
  • Improve body flexibility
  • Increase oxygen levels
  • Energize your body
  • Improve sleep

The cleanse also may promote a speedier recovery after an injury or disease.

What happens during detox with IonCleanse?

Your Selah MediSpa practitioner escorts you to a room with a foot bath. You soak your feet in the relaxing, warm water with the IonCleanse device. You notice the bathwater becomes dirty-looking as the process takes place. The detox process is brief, taking just 30 minutes. 

Take a step for your well-being today by calling Selah MediSpa to schedule your detox session.