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Believe it or not, nutrition plays a huge role in aging and maximizing skin health. At Selah MediSpa in Katy, Texas, wellness specialists use customized nutrition plans and ID Life nutritional products to optimize a youthful appearance, help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight, boost energy, and enhance workouts. Call to schedule an appointment with Selah MediSpa to learn more about our custom nutrition programs.

Customized Nutrition Q & A

What is customized nutrition?

At Selah MediSpa, your nutrition specialist customizes a nutrition plan just for you based on your health, age, gender, weight, genetics, and wellness goals. 

They offer weight loss counseling, healthy eating plans, and nutritional supplements that aid in disease prevention, minimize aging, and help you look and feel your best.

What should I expect during my appointment?

During a nutrition appointment with Selah MediSpa specialists, your practitioner reviews your medical and nutritional history, weighs you, and discusses your health and wellness goals. 

They offer customized meal plans and might recommend one or more ID Life nutritional products to optimize your results.

What are ID Life products?

ID Life nutritional products go hand in hand with nutritious eating, regular exercise, and other healthy lifestyle habits. Your practitioner might recommend one or more of the following ID Life products:

Nutrition and weight loss shakes

Nutrition shakes are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. The shakes help you maintain muscle mass, control your appetite, and prevent nutritional deficiencies to keep energy levels high.

Energy and electrolyte drinks

ID Life energy products give you the boost of energy needed to get through a long day or strenuous workout. Electrolyte drinks enhance sport performance during long workouts and optimize hydration.

Multivitamin supplements

Taking multivitamin supplements for adults and children helps prevent nutritional deficiencies so you can maintain high energy levels, optimal overall health, healthy skin and nails, and a strong immune system.

Sleeping aids

Natural ID Life sleeping products help you get to sleep faster and maintain quality sleep longer, so you can feel better the next day and avoid unwanted weight gain.

Skin care products

Having the right skin care products on hand, including cleansers, moisturizers, and anti-aging creams or serums, helps keep your skin healthy and minimizes signs of aging.

Which ID Life products are right for me?

To learn more about which ID Life nutritional products are right for you, ID Life offers a DNA collection kit. The kit makes it possible for you to receive customized recommendations to improve overall health and wellness based on your genetic predisposition. 

After a DNA analysis, you’ll learn more about your exercise response, metabolism, weight predispositions, dietary needs, nutritional requirements, food responses, and much more.

Don’t let poor nutrition contribute to fatigue and unwelcome signs of aging. Schedule an appointment with Selah MediSpa by calling the office today.