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Massages offer an array of therapeutic benefits, relieving muscle tension and boosting circulation. Selah MediSpa provides individual, group, and corporate massages, conveniently performed on-site in Katy, Texas, or at your location. A licensed, specially trained massage therapist performs deep-tissue massage, Swedish cupping massage, cellulite treatment massage, prenatal massage, and much more. Make time for self-care by calling Selah MediSpa for a massage or booking one online.

Massage Q & A

What are the benefits of a massage?

Massages offer a number of benefits. A massage is essential self-care to help you unwind after a long, stressful day. Massages ease the aches and pains of everyday activities and athletics, and they help to smooth the appearance of cellulite. 

What are the types of massages?

A wide variety of massages are available at Selah MediSpa and performed by certified massage therapists. These include:

Swedish relaxation 

This massage incorporates soothing and relaxing techniques. Swedish relaxation massage helps relieve pain associated with the sympathetic nervous system.

Deep-tissue massage

This massage is ideal if you play sports or participate in strenuous activities. Your massage therapist applies firm pressure to relieve muscle pain and tension.

Manual lymphatic drainage

With light, repetitive techniques, this massage helps improve lymphatic circulation and may minimize the formation of scar tissue. Lymphatic massages also relieve pain and discomfort. 


AquaMassages are quick enough to squeeze into your busy schedule. The benefits of this massage include increased blood circulation and oxygen absorption, improved range of motion, and less inflammation and muscle tension.

Swedish cupping massage

During this massage, your skin is gently pulled upward by creating a vacuum in a cup over your target area. Benefits include improving energy flow to promote healing.

Can I get a massage if I am pregnant?

You can have a massage as long as you have a healthy, low-risk pregnancy. A certified prenatal massage therapist at Selah MediSpa offers prenatal massages using a variety of techniques. 

Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, they incorporate reflexology, Swedish massage, or additional techniques to address your specific requests and needs.

Can a massage treat cellulite?

Selah MediSpa offers manual lymphatic massages to help reduce the appearance of cellulite by minimizing the dimpled, “orange peel” look. To achieve optimal results, the team recommends a regime of two treatments a week for five weeks.

Whether you’re looking to smooth away cellulite, relieve muscle pain, or simply unwind, Selah MediSpa offers a variety of massages to enhance your well-being. 

A certified massage therapist strives to accommodate you at a time that's convenient for your schedule. Call today or book a consultation online.


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