Does a Cellulite Massage Really Work?

Does a Cellulite Massage Really Work?

Everyone needs a little more self-care in their life. One of the best and most relaxing ways to do this is through a massage. Even just thinking of the word “massage” can make you feel more relaxed.

The power of massage is no secret. Massage is one of the only treatments that provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits, including lessened inflammation, increased energy, and lowered stress.

What if you could get a massage that encourages deep relaxation while reducing cellulite? At Selah Medi Spa, located in Katy, Texas, we provide cellulite massage so you can flaunt radiant skin like never before.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is that pesky, dimpled skin that’s most often found on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. It’s caused by a buildup of fat underneath the skin, with nearly 90% of women and 10% of men experiencing it.

Factors that contribute to cellulite include:

While cellulite is harmless, many people are bothered by its appearance and would do anything to improve it. Sometimes no matter how hard you diet and exercise, stubborn and resistant cellulite just won’t go away.

What it involves

If you haven’t heard of a cellulite massage, you’re not alone. Many people think a massage like this sounds too good to be true — but luckily it’s not.

A cellulite massage focuses on applying steady pressure to the skin to disperse toxins and fat and encourage blood flow. The massage is applied to areas where cellulite most commonly occurs like:

A cellulite massage follows many of the same principles as a lymphatic massage. While both massages stimulate lymph flow, the pressure applied in a cellulite massage is stronger, using techniques such as pounding, circular motions, and kneading. 

Your lymph flow must be cleared out by muscular movements, making a massage a perfect way to help remove your body’s toxins and lessen inflammation. 

Does it work?

While cellulite cannot be removed completely, the appearance of cellulite can be lessened. One of the best parts of a cellulite massage is that the results are immediate. Not only will your skin tone look smoother, but it will feel softer too.

These special and targeted massages work by:

Like most services, the results are best when you undergo multiple treatments. We suggest getting two massages a week for five weeks to get beautiful, even-toned skin. 


Cellulite massages focus on improving the look and feel of your skin. While this is one of the best benefits, it’s not the only one.

Benefits of massages include:

Ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, all of our massages are customized and tailored to fit your needs. Our massage therapists focus on reducing cellulite, muscle stiffness, and tension, while improving your overall wellness.

Non-invasive, all-natural treatment

There are many oils and creams on the market that claim to improve cellulite. However, 25% of the creams contain substances that cause allergies. Some creams contain chemicals, like methylxanthine caffeine, that lower fluid retention and can ultimately make cellulite worse. 

You can feel confident in undergoing a cellulite massage because it's a non-invasive, all natural treatment. Not only do cellulite massages work, but they're also great for all types of skin — even the most sensitive. 

Get the most out of your self-care with a cellulite massage. Call 281-201-5322 to schedule your massage or book one online.

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