MiraDry is a Miracle

Sweaty, smelly armpits. They’re an embarrassing reality that many of us face, yet wish we didn’t. Are you constantly giving yourself the “sniff check”? Do you wear black shirts to hide your sweat stains? 

Everyone sweats here and there. However, if you’re constantly reapplying deodorant, you may be part of the nearly 5% of Americans with excessive sweating. You don’t simply have to accept excessive sweating — you can improve it.

MiraDry is an FDA-approved procedure that permanently reduces underarm sweat and odor. Selah Med Spa in Katy, Texas, offers miraDry to patients who want to live dry and confidently with a little as one procedure.

How it works

Wearing a black shirt is common among people with excessive sweating. While wearing black is professional and slimming, you don’t have to rely on dark clothes to hide embarrassing sweat stains. miraDry solves the problem instead of hiding it.

Your body has over 2 million sweat glands. While you need sweat glands to cool you off, only 2% of them are found in your armpits. miraDry is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that eliminates the sweat glands in your armpits. 

We use a handheld device to administer electromagnetic energy into your armpit to diminish 82% of sweat glands in one treatment. Your body will eliminate sweat in other areas, so your armpits can stay dry and odor-free even in the heat of summer.

Understanding the procedure

If you like what you hear so far, you’re probably wondering what’s involved in the procedure. Most miraDry treatments take about an hour and involve these three steps:

  1. First, your skin technician will administer local anesthesia to your armpit. This includes saline to push your nerves back and help keep you comfortable during your procedure. 
  2. We measure your armpit and fit a template to it before marking it with a skin-safe temporary tattoo. 
  3. Administering the energy deep into your skin, we perform approximately 10 injections in each armpit. 

Most patients tolerate the procedure very well and don’t report feeling much because of the anesthesia.

90% worth it

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably tried other solutions with little luck. Many people who get miraDry were in your shoes and tried prescription deodorant or even Botox previously. 

Ninety percent of patients who tried miraDry reported it to be worth it. That’s one of the highest ratings for a procedure, and you can take it from our patients firsthand. And, the results are immediate — you’ll notice a reduction in sweat and odor after the first treatment.

Minimal downtime 

One of the best things about miraDry is that it involves minimal to no downtime. Following your appointment, you can return to work or your daily activities without any indication that you had a procedure. 

While redness and swelling may occur, these can easily be hidden with clothing. You may experience some mild discomfort also. We ask that you take a few days off from exercising to make sure your body heals appropriately.

Get rid of the armpit sweat and the anxiety caused by it today. Call 281-201-5322 to schedule your miraDry consultation, or book an appointment online.

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