Put the Finishing Touches on Your Weight-Loss Journey With TruSculpt® 3D

The New Year is the perfect time to kick your fitness goals into gear. But sometimes, no matter how much you work out or diet, stubborn fat just won’t go away.

TruSculpt®  3D is a non-invasive treatment that can help you slim down and get the toned body you’ve been looking for. It removes fat from those hard-to-tone areas, like your belly, thighs, saddlebags, and buttocks. Unlike some other body-contouring treatments, TruSculpt is FDA-approved and is a much more comfortable procedure.

Selah Medi Spa in Katy, Texas, has helped patients complete their weight-loss goals with TruSculpt 3D. Here’s everything you need to know about the treatment to help decide if it’s right for you.

How it works

One poll found that 79% of Americans aren’t happy with the appearance of their body. And almost everyone has an area of their body they’d like to improve. TruSculpt 3D can tone these problematic areas and permanently get rid of fat. So, how does it work?

TruSculpt 3D uses radiofrequency technology to heat your fat cells to specific temperatures and safely diminish them for good. 

TruSculpt 3D uses a machine belt that is fully adjustable to various body types and sizes. TruSculpt 3D uses higher temperatures over a longer span of time, so you get the most fat reduction possible. Patients see results 2-3 times faster than with other methods of body contouring. 

What it’s like

Here’s how the procedure works. Your technician will ask you to expose the area you’d like treated. You’ll relax in a reclining chair. Your technician will glide the handled TruSculpt 3D device over your skin to gently heat your fat cells. 

Most procedures take around 30 minutes so you can complete a session during your lunch break. A majority of patients say the procedure isn’t painful.   Some compare it to getting a stone massage. You’ll notice gradual results appearing over the 4-12 weeks following treatment.

Life-changing results

You can expect an average 24% reduction of fat in one session. TruSculpt doesn’t just reduce your body’s circumference, but it also ramps up your body’s collagen production to give you smoother, tighter skin. That means you’ll be bikini-ready in just a few sessions.

One of the best parts of TruSculpt 3D is that there’s zero downtime. You can return to work and your everyday life immediately following the procedure, and no one will even know you had a procedure done. Unlike liposuction, you’ll have an easy recovery period without any bruises, stitches, or prolonged pain.

Learn more

Men and women around the world are using TruSculpt 3D to shed fat and boost their confidence. If you’ve worked hard to shed extra weight in 2020, you deserve to completely love your body.

Are you ready for TruSculpt to put the final touches on your weight-loss journey? Call us at 281-201-5322 to schedule your consultation or book an appointment online.

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