Tighten Your Skin With Body Contouring

Looking back on photos when you’re in your early 20s can be fun, but it can also make you miss the body you once had. Most of us had a slimmer waistline, flatter stomach, and smaller thighs when we were younger.

This is because as you get older, your metabolism slows down and you gain more weight than you probably wanted. On top of this, most of us are less active than we were in our youth and as a result, our muscle mass naturally declines. While diet and exercise are the keys to slimming down, sometimes stubborn fat just won’t go away.

If your body just isn’t where you want it, there’s a minimally invasive way to improve your look in no time. At Selah Medi Spa, located in Katy, Texas, we provide truSculpt 3D as a way to tone and tighten your body like never before. Here’s everything you need to know about this life-changing treatment.

What it helps

Loose, sagging skin. Jiggly thighs. A muffin top. While some people aren’t bothered by weight gain like these, others wish to improve them for a more appealing look. Getting in shape can be hard, and sometimes, no matter how hard you work out, fat pockets may remain.

TruSculpt 3D is a revolutionary technology that administers radiofrequency energy to permanently melt away the fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise. When you come in for your appointment, your technician glides the truSculpt device over the area you’d like to treat, eliminating up to 24% of fat.

You can effectively slim down problem areas like:

Not only does it eliminate fat, but it also tightens your skin and reduces cellulite.

Two-in-one treatment

While other body-contouring treatments exist, most don’t get rid of fat and tighten your skin. Research proves that radiofrequency technology is the only way to eliminate fat while improving skin laxity — unless you undergo surgery.

You might be asking yourself if you get rid of the fat, “Why does skin tightening matter?” After losing fat volume, many patients are left with loose, sagging skin, leaving them still self-conscious about their body. Save time and money by getting the best results in one body treatment.

You’ll notice a great fat reduction and skin tightening in just one treatment, but you might need multiple treatments to get the results you want. Your results continue to get better each day after your treatment, with peak results around 12 weeks.

No downtime

Do you live a busy life and can’t afford to hit the pause button? Luckily, with truSculpt 3D, you don’t have to. Intensive surgeries like liposuction require a recovery period of 4-6 months, but truSculpt allows you to return to work immediately following your procedure.

Redness and mild discomfort are normal after treatment, but these can be easily hidden by clothing. No one will have a clue you had a treatment done unless you share your secret.

Does it hurt?

They say, “pain is beauty.” However, you can bypass the pain and just enjoy the beautiful results with truSculpt 3D. That’s because most patients don’t describe the treatment as painful, but report the feeling to be similar to a hot stone massage. This makes it a more enjoyable experience than other body-contouring treatments.

Even if you’ve been told that you’re not a candidate for other body-contouring methods, truSculpt 3D may still be suitable for you. That’s because it’s a versatile treatment that can be used on all skin types. If you have a body mass index of 30 or less and you’re close to your target weight, chances are you’d be a good candidate for truSculpt 3D.

Take the next step toward getting a body you love. Call 281-201-5322 to schedule your consultation or book online.

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