Why Microneedling with PRP is The Hottest Trend in Facial Rejuvenation

If you thought microneedling therapy was the best you could do for facial rejuvenation, think again! By combining microneedli

Microneedling procedures are popular for rejuvenating your face and minimizing signs of aging. Microneedling works to stimulate new collagen production, naturally increasing your skin's elasticity. However, microneedling alone might not give you optimum results. For maximal facial rejuvenation, the care team at Selah Medi Spa recommends combining microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, sometimes known as a “vampire facial,” to kickstart your natural-healing and regenerative capabilities.

Our care team at Selah Medi Spa located in Katy, Texas, is ready to provide you with a full range of cosmetic procedures, including microneedling with PRP. If you're concerned about the appearance of visible signs of aging on your face, or want to proactively maintain your facial rejuvenation, we can work with you to develop the right treatment plan for your unique health care needs and aesthetic goals. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to opt for microneedling with PRP to refresh your look and erase visible signs of aging.

Tap into your natural rejuvenating capabilities

With microneedling with PRP, you tap into your body’s natural healing and regenerative capabilities. While microneedling increases your production of collagen, helping your skin look fuller and more elastic for a rejuvenated appearance, PRP contains healing factors extracted from your own body. Here's how it works.

In PRP therapies, we remove a sample of your blood — no more than for any other ordinary blood draw — and run it through a centrifuge to concentrate your platelets. In your blood, platelets contain growth factors to start healing and regenerate new tissues.

When you come in for a microneedling with PRP treatment, we add PRP to the device that stimulates your skin during treatment. The PRP works to decrease post-treatment symptoms like redness and swelling. Adding PRP to microneedling kickstarts and enhances the process of regenerating fresh, healthy new skin tissues and creating a more youthful facial look.

Side-effect free results in days

Microneedling with PRP can erase acne scars, reduce age spots and wrinkles, and help with some hyperpigmentation problems. The treatment may not be right for you if you are pregnant, currently using certain medications, scar easily, or are currently dealing with some skin conditions. For most patients, though, microneedling with PRP provides an easy way to freshen up their facial appearance. Appointments only take about an hour — 30 minutes for the topical anesthetic to start working, and about 30 minutes for the procedure itself.

You may need multiple treatments before you see your best results, typically about three to six sessions. It's a good idea to avoid unprotected sun exposure before and after your appointment. Any swelling or redness should be gone in four to six days, and you should only experience minimal need for recovery downtime. Watch out for alcohol-based products and exfoliants as your skin heals after treatment, and wait to start back up with rigorous physical activities until after you're healed.

To schedule an initial consultation appointment to find out if microneedling with PRP is right for you, get in touch with Selah Medi Spa today. To book your session, you can call or make your appointment through our online tool.

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